Pre-Market Preparation

Preparing a home for the market is more than just de-cluttering and removing personal items. Our Staging Professionals encompass the entire process from the initial meeting with the Sellers to organizing the necessary contractors, and final staging so that the home is ready for professional photography. We implement checklists so that no item is forgotten and we handle the homeowner’s possessions with the upmost care.
a. Initial Consultation with the broker
b. Consultation with the Seller – walkthrough with suggestions
c. Consultation with or without the seller with written preparation assessment (see example)
d. Consultation with written prep assessment and staging
e. Coordination of contractors prior to staging (ex. Painters, carpet removal, laying, window cleaning, etc.).
f. Packing. Our team can provide packing help so that the homeowner is not overwhelmed when it comes to packaging up items for moving or storage.

Administration for Under Contract Buyers and Sellers

Once the home goes under contract, whether it’s a buyer or seller, our team of professionals will streamline the process so that your client can rest assured that a smooth and successful closing takes place. We will sit down with you to create a customized checklist of items that you will want us to complete before the closing. We customize this plan to you so that you have complete control of the process, but also know that the items on our checklist are being completed in the background. This allows you more time to be in the field meeting with potential clients. To see a sample of a checklist please click here.

Closing/Follow up plan

Once you reach a successful closing you will want to follow up with your clients, after all, a happy client is the best referral source! Most brokers have good intentions with follow up, but then business becomes busy and some people fall through the cracks. Our administrative team can take care of this for you. We will set up a follow up plan on the day of closing that will have periodic follow up so that no client gets left behind. We will sit down and customize the follow up program to your specific needs. Most of our clients use Top Producer to implement their follow up plans; however, we are happy to utilize your preferred method or CRM.

File Organization

If you are like most agents, the worst part of your job is the paperwork. We understand. We also understand the importance of having organized paper work so that you aren’t wasting time looking for that signed Inspection Resolution. We have created an organized system that will work for any agent. We will learn your specific needs and create a customized filing system for your paper and electronic files. We will organize your electronic files in real time for all electronic documents. After closing we will upload all paper documents into CTM and dropbox or google docs.

Weekly updates for current listings

Listing Management

Our team can input into MLS and update MLS

Database Management

Keeping up with your clients can be a daunting task. We can organize your contacts so that you can work your network.

Art Direction for Photography

Have you ever hired a professional photographer and when you get the photographs back they come out, well, not as expected? I have heard clients complain that the photographer made the home look too small or didn’t do the landscaping, master suite, or living room justice. Our team of professionals will accompany your photographer on the shoot to ensure that the home is being presented as accurately as possible. Remember that your online photographs are your client’s first showing!

Event Coordination

Would you like to plan an event for your clients, but don’t have time? Our team of professionals is skilled at working with caters and other professionals to make your event run smoothly.


We have this category of services because our amazing brokers are always coming up with creative ideas for generating new business. If you have a request that is not listed on our services page, please send us a service request and we will be happy to do a consultation and see how we can help.

Office Organization

Our team of professionals can help you organize your home office, work office, or both. We have helped many clients set up new offices so that they are beautiful and functional.